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Technology and the junky

Sam has looked into technology as being the root of all evil, she has been looking in the direction that Alentejo is a place that you can get a break from the technology and get a real brake she is going to get back to me with a few idea so we can work on it together.

The new perspective

If this place is so different to the working world then maybe there is something deeper then relaxation that this place can offer you.

Maybe this place can offer you a new way of thinking.

Maybe I can look at the walk as a walk for your mind.
I could map out one of the walking routes so that it was a walk designed to inspirer the individual.

I could lable the different areas as different stages of inner peace

Research walking…really??!!

In summer the Alentejo climate is sunny and hot with very little rain.

The towns and villages are often located on small hills which, in the past, were sometimes defended by a castle.

The majority of the Hotels in the area are in these old castles and similar buildings which have been converted into exceptional accommodation by the Pousada Group.

The important towns in the region are Evora, Elvas, Portalegre and Beja.

The Region is easily reached by car from Lisbon or Faro airport.

The south west Altantic coastline is sparsely populated and free from mass tourism which makes walking in Portugal such a pleasure.  Walking between three and six hours a day the walking is aimed at the beginner/intermediate level. You can stay in Casa Da Eira for the week on our short break walking holiday in Portugal, or move around the area staying in traditional guesthouses on our self guided walking holidays and our guided walking holidays in Portugal, or at Portugese boutique hotels on our luxury walking holidays.

Walking seems to be a good way of getting rid of stress and since the term break away is to get rid of the stresses of work and to take a break from it maybe this is something worth looking into for an idea. cant say it will be an interest that i look for in a holiday but i guess im not the demographic.

Alentejo Brief


BRIEFING DATE: Unofficially, Monday, September 20th 2010.
Officially: Monday, October 4th 2010.

BRAND: The Alentejo region of South-West Portugal.

CLIENT: José Fillipe Torres, Bloom Consulting, Madrid, Spain (for the equivalent of the Alentejo Tourist Board/Chamber of Commerce).

PRODUCT: Up-market holiday breaks for cultured European lovers of naturally beautiful, authentic and unspoiled European destinations.

MEDIA/ CHANNELS: Any. Whatever best supports your ‘big idea’.

CLIENT PRESENTATION: Interim: w/c Monday, 1st November; Main presentation: Monday 17th January 2011.

BUDGET: We do not know their media budget; however, I can tell you the idea must be Low cost, that I know for sure; )

DEADLINE: January 17th 2011. Interim, informal work crit by Jose during the Industry Week (November 1st – 5th, 2010).

What is this brand?

Alentejo is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, in terms of its beautiful, unspoiled beaches.

What’s the business opportunity here?

Alentejo is not built-up and only 200km away from Lisbon.
There is an opportunity here to create an experience for the whole region, or just one specific beach.
There are several beautiful white beaches that stretch as far as the eye
can see.

The part of the Alentejo region we are talking about is the beach side, the coast – so the country side should be out of the brief, no oaks ; )

This experiential campaign should be created in an appealing way, maintaining what is special about this region; sustainable ‘Quality Tourism’ is the main source of income for the local community.
And Alentejo’s main tourists come from Western Europe: Portugal, Spain, UK, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.
It’s important to attract a wide variety of tourists with this campaign; see ‘Who Are We Talking To?’ below.

What does this brand stand for?

Everything a package holiday doesn’t – the panacea to TV’s ‘Coach Trip’.

What’s the role of the communication in answering it?

As the product evidently can’t be moved, how can we bring the
‘Alentejo Experience’ from S.W.Portugal to the fashionable, metropolitan European capitals of London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin etc?

Who are we talking to?

Various ABC1s: From appreciative Gap Year backpackers, young couples
and couples with young families to appreciative retired couples in a group of like-minded friends.
All of whose idea of a holiday is about as far away from Spain’s Benidorm package tour crowd as you can get – somewhere just like Alentejo, in fact.

In what moment or mindset are we talking to them?

Spring time (?), when our prospects’ thoughts turn to planning a truly
memorable holiday.

What do they currently feel about us?

We have to assume that they don’t even know we’re out there.
As we now live in such a 24-7, over-commercialised, media-saturated world, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover such an unspoiled part of the world in easy access to them.

What do we want them to think, feel (and therefore do)?

The type of holiday you thought no longer exists, still does in Alentejo.
So book your villa now.

What’s the one thing we can say to achieve this?

Think of the most beautiful, untamed places in Cornwall. But hot.

Why should they believe us?

Because of your advertising idea. No pressure.

Anything else to tell you?

There will be a research pack, with photographs and facts about the region available to you on September 28th.
And José will be bringing a summary with him.

What will success look like?

Affluent ABC1 Europeans taking in the sights of Alentejo, and all that it has
to offer.


PLANNING DIRECTORS: José Fillipe Torres, Francesco Cerminara &
Gareth Pitman.

My First Thoughts

My first idea for the print ad was to capture a snippet of every day life in the harsh weather, and imply the hint of Alentego. The first idea would be shot from a birds eye view of a busy town on a rainy day. The shot would be taken in a way that would show up the one colourful umbrella as a sun umbrella this would hopefully make the viewer question the rest of the picture. The shot it meant to give the viewer the appearance of a busy beach and the news stand that of an ice-cream cart.

The second idea would be a shot of two small children playing in the snow the one kid is burring the others leg and has a sand spade in his left hand. There is a sandcastle bucket on the snow next to him. The hidden message here is of two kids playing on the beach. In order for this to work their must be great emphasis on the sandcastle bucket.

The third and final idea was of two builders at work they are pickingout planks of wood from a pickup trucks roof. They first appear to be building a house as there is one half finished in the background. The hidden message here is that the builders are surfers and the half finished house in the background is a beach hut. Planks of wood they have resting on their back is their boards and the pickup truck as their beach buggy.

The tag line here would be “open you eyes go to Alentajo”or “open your mind go to Alentajo”.The art direction in these ideas is what is key to making it work im going to have to think harder as im not a world class photographer.

Alentajo what we know

So after long extensive research it seems that the things that seem to stick out the most about this holiday resort is that it is very secluded. After our first tutorial we have looked into ways in which we can sell the destination for its heat, after all we are trying to sell it in the winter days. This has given me the idea to look into the every day mundane and try and see it from another perspective, a perspective that could suggest time for a holiday. The reason that I think this will work is because if it is being advertised around that time people are more in need for a change from the weather and I know I imagine getting away most around that time and if I can hint that change through imagery I think it could be something very interesting.