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Design of the domes

The domes need to be designed in a way that doesn’t confuse the consumer. The experience is what is inside the domes and the feeling that you get from the interior, not what is out side so the design must be as plain as possible or must keep with the brand of Alentejo. After sketching up a few ideas I was torn between two the first was an hour glass this was to give the effect that when you go to Alentejo you are frozen in time. This could keep with the brand values as it reflected the experience of taking time out from a busy time schedule. The other idea was to keep with a plan dome after a long chat with Matt we decided to keep with the original idea and keep it plain this was because Matt thought that having an hour glass could give off the idea that time is running out rather than time is frozen. I also agreed with this so I designed a few domes in a busy town center. These are examples of what the domes would look like.

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