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My First Thoughts

My first idea for the print ad was to capture a snippet of every day life in the harsh weather, and imply the hint of Alentego. The first idea would be shot from a birds eye view of a busy town on a rainy day. The shot would be taken in a way that would show up the one colourful umbrella as a sun umbrella this would hopefully make the viewer question the rest of the picture. The shot it meant to give the viewer the appearance of a busy beach and the news stand that of an ice-cream cart.

The second idea would be a shot of two small children playing in the snow the one kid is burring the others leg and has a sand spade in his left hand. There is a sandcastle bucket on the snow next to him. The hidden message here is of two kids playing on the beach. In order for this to work their must be great emphasis on the sandcastle bucket.

The third and final idea was of two builders at work they are pickingout planks of wood from a pickup trucks roof. They first appear to be building a house as there is one half finished in the background. The hidden message here is that the builders are surfers and the half finished house in the background is a beach hut. Planks of wood they have resting on their back is their boards and the pickup truck as their beach buggy.

The tag line here would be “open you eyes go to Alentajo”or “open your mind go to Alentajo”.The art direction in these ideas is what is key to making it work im going to have to think harder as im not a world class photographer.

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