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The Final design and presentation

When looking back on what  parts of the presentation and the final idea that were covered it was hard to say who to what parts on. The over all idea came from Matt and it was after spinning off a few ideas with him that gave us the final product. Sam took the job of coming up with a logo that incorporated the same quality’s that we are trying to highlight. and with the help of Matt Sam put together the presentation. We all took a part of the presentation to cover.

Design of the domes

The domes need to be designed in a way that doesn’t confuse the consumer. The experience is what is inside the domes and the feeling that you get from the interior, not what is out side so the design must be as plain as possible or must keep with the brand of Alentejo. After sketching up a few ideas I was torn between two the first was an hour glass this was to give the effect that when you go to Alentejo you are frozen in time. This could keep with the brand values as it reflected the experience of taking time out from a busy time schedule. The other idea was to keep with a plan dome after a long chat with Matt we decided to keep with the original idea and keep it plain this was because Matt thought that having an hour glass could give off the idea that time is running out rather than time is frozen. I also agreed with this so I designed a few domes in a busy town center. These are examples of what the domes would look like.

Half developed Ideas

looking at Alentajo as a place that can offer you a new perspective on life I started to look at ways in which looking at issues from a different perspective could give you a better answer to a problem. The idea would be to take different problems that people go though everyday and look at them from another angle.

Another idea would be to look at some how connecting yourself back into life by doing an advert where everyone has a lead to connect to them back into reality like they are charging the battery in their mind.



The placement of these domes will need to be close to the busy environment, it will need to be seen from the people walking by and will need to cause a buzz. These domes will need to be placed all over europe. In busy town centres and busy shopping malls. This will help people to reflect the busy environment outside with the calm environment of the domes.

Experience of Alentejo

After a long talk with matt we decided that the experience of Alentejo would be the only thing that would define it as a place. It to look at is no different from any other holiday resort. The idea that Matt came up with was to try and win over the consumers by providing an experience that they could remember. The idea would need to capture attention and would need to reflect the experience of a busy environment. The first step will be to look at placement where will we put this experience. The second step would be what would the experience look like.

Blank Canvass

After our long tutorial we have go over a few of our ideas but nothing seemed to be working we didn’t seem to have a solid idea then Sam suggested that we look into Alentejo as a blank canvas in doing this we could incorporate the feel that there lots to do at Alentejo because there is nothing there. its a blank canvass to work on.

Alentejo giving you consciousness

After looking at the video on consciousness it has made me want to look further into what other perceptions may be blinded from the everyday life that we live in at the moment. I find the words Qualia (a state of mind, it can bring you to an understanding of what you consider to be conscious of but may not actually be true reality) and Perception suppressed (where certain parts of the brain doesn’t recognise things when they are apparent)  


There is an understanding that we need to get away from the world when we go on holiday but what do we need to get away from? The truth is that we need to get away and revisit ourselves maybe there is a way that i can bring in the study of consciousness to Alentejo.